Exceptions to the Warrant Requirement

4 pages, identify 4 exceptions to the requirement of a search warrant under the 4th Amendment. Explain why each is an exception and why it is agreeable. Support the agreement or disagreement of each with examples and court cases.

title and reference pages are required and must follow APA formatting. 


“He taught me to shave and dress hair a little.”
What does this phrase mean in the context of the text?

Audience Analysis " A Message from the University Chair"

We have spent class time talking about the importance of audience to a writer when trying to create an effective message. You have some new skills in your “bank” to help you understand how to address audience concerns, analyze who they are and figure out what they need from a document in order to be compelled to act.

Assignment #2 A asks you to combine that knowledge into a short document in which you explain how a writer uses specific information about an audience to encourage them to read and act. Your assignment is to be done in class in groups.

Please read below for details about what you are doing and how you should begin your work.

Some Background on the Assignment

Here is  an e-mail message that went out to the Marymount community last semester (Fall 2017) . The purpose of the message is to inform the university-wide community about President Shank.

The audience is faculty, full and part time, staff and students at Marymount University. The writer does an excellent job of connecting with this audience after a careful analysis of their needs and concerns and developing effective Reader Benefits throughout the message.

Your Goal: Analyze the Writer’s Approach to this Audience

What I want you to do in this assignment is to explain how the writer accomplished the difficult job of announcing the departure of Dr. Shank, president of Marymount University and the situation going forward.

Basically, you are going to write an analysis of the writer’s approach. You should take care to use terms and concepts in your analysis that we have discussed in the last few weeks. Specifically, I want you to analyze the following:

  1. Who is this audience? Provide a brief audience analysis of your own using any of the strategies we have discussed so far.
  2. What evidence in the message indicates that the writer knows who the readers and what their interests are? What do you see the writer doing to connect with this audience?
  3. How does the writer incorporate Reader Benefits to inform in the message?

Please limit your assignment to one page. Remember to single space your paragraphs!

Good morning,  

One of the most difficult duties I have had as board chair was to accept a request from Dr. Matthew D. Shank that we not extend his contract and allow him to step down as president of Marymount University on June 30, 2018. Although he had our unanimous support for a new contract, the board and I respect his decision to do what he feels is best for Marymount and for him at this stage of his career. We can all be grateful for his strategic choice of this time when, because of the success it has achieved and the strength it has gained, Marymount is well-positioned for a leadership transition. Dr. Shank has the option of taking a year’s leave and then joining Marymount’s School of Business Administration in the fall of 2019 as a professor of marketing.  

The selection of a president is the board’s greatest responsibility, and search firm Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates will help us begin that process soon. Dr. Shank has given us the gift of time by letting us know of his decision so far in advance. We will be deliberate and thoughtful in our process but will move with appropriate speed to have a successor in office by July 1. I do not anticipate that we will need to appoint an interim president.  

Dr. Shank means more to Marymount than I can adequately express in this brief message. We owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for his vision and leadership in the implementation of our strategic plan and development of a new master plan, the momentum of our $40 million capital campaign, the growth of our academic programs and facilities, enhancement of our reputation, strengthening of our athletic programs and so much more.     

At a future date, we will publicly celebrate the contributions and legacy of Dr. and Mrs. Shank and their family. For today, we simply say thank you for a job very well done and pledge our continued support as we work together to achieve our goals for this academic year and beyond.  


Edward H. Bersoff Chair, Board of Trustees

HRM 520 week 6 DQ

 Week 6 DiscussionCOLLAPSEOverall Rating:

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Talent Management and Online Recruitment

Part A (Chapter 9)

1. After reading Chapter 9, read the two articles listed below: 

  • Integrating talent management and core HR systems valuable but tricky
  • Applicant Tracking for High Turnover Environments

2. Why is it important to establish the meaning of talent and talent management in a particular organizational setting? How does the strategic direction of the organization influence human resource planning activities? What are some potential disadvantages of using a packaged application to help automate the employee goal-setting process? Why is it important to have an adaptable workforce in a global economy?

Part B (Chapter 10)

3. What are the pros and cons of recruitment and selection in an Internet context? Provide examples of your personal experiences with online recruitment and selection. Do you agree or disagree with online assessments during the recruitment and selection process? Why or why not? Be sure to include your personal experiences with online assessments.

Connecting Logistics and Financial Performance

Select any publicly traded company. Research this company’s website and relevant business documentation to evaluate the company’s performance and profit models, such as inventory turnover, return on assets, or other models that the company uses to measure its performance. Possible sources of information include the company’s annual report, income statement, or other financial documents that report the company’s revenues, expenses, and profits. These are usually published on the company’s Investor Relations page on their website.

Identify two logistics-related activities the company utilizes to achieve its business goals. You may select, for example, the company’s inventory management system, warehousing operations, order management, transportation management, international logistics, or any other activities.

Your 200-250 word post must include the following:

  • Name the company that you chose and identify and describe the two logistics activities you selected that support the company’s supply chain and business strategies.
  • Explain how the company uses the total cost approach to coordinate the selected logistics activities in a cost-efficient manner.

Support your report with credible sources, citing from the company’s websites, business publications or articles

short paper writing


Short paper writing, 1.5-2 pages, Double space ,Due 2/10/2019 12am,APA style. Please finish it on time and follow the requirement.